WIKA Beton Digital Transformation

The development of digital technology has resulted in changes in ways of working and new business models so that companies in various sectors must adapt quickly to be able to survive and win market competition. As a company in the precast concrete industry, WIKA Beton has also adapted to follow technological developments since 2006.

Starting in 2006, WIKA Beton pioneered the Company Operational System known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which consists of modules Operating System (OS), Finance, and Human Resource Management System (HRMS). This ERP system marks the beginning of digitalization in WIKA Beton's business processes from administrative work which was previously done manually to digital. Until now, this ERP system has become important in the company's business processes and continues to be developed according to the company's needs.

Not only developing based systems software, WIKA Beton also develops infrastructure to support the development of digital information systems. In increasing efficiency, optimizing production and simplifying the company's business processes, WIKA Beton built a WAN network infrastructure (Wide Area Network) based Cloud where all WIKA Beton Work Units and Business Units can be connected to each other.

As a commitment to IT development, several strategic steps were taken by WIKA Beton. Synergize towards Roadmap IT WIKA Group, WIKA Beton also arranged Roadmap IT digitalization until 2023 which is aligned with Roadmap Corporate.

In line with the increasingly dominant role of IT in company operations, WIKA Beton continues to improve IT facilities that support digital-based infrastructure. Not only focusing on ERP development, WIKA Beton perfects the digitalization process by developing a number of integrated systems, such as the WTON Mobile Application, e-QC Application, WTONPedia, E-File (digital document archiving).

One of WIKA Beton's innovations was developed with the aim of effectiveness of the internal audit process, namely the application of a Digital-Based Internal Audit System. This application helps the implementation of the Company Management System to be better, so that it can increase efficiency and quality consistency in every product produced.

In 2020, even though we had to go through the COVID-19 pandemic, WIKA Beton continued to develop Information Systems by building applications that facilitate WFH work (work from home), sehingga setiap karyawan yang melakukan WFH (Work From Home) can take attendance through the application and update work reports.

As a form of WIKA Beton's commitment to implementing strict health protocols to create a healthy and productive work environment, self-screening information is carried out for all employees digitally using WTON mobile periodically. Meanwhile, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, WIKA Beton developed the WTON Visitor Application. Application mobile This serves to facilitate guest visits at the Work Unit by implementing strict health protocols.

Not only that, in the same year BSI also released the WTON Channel Micro Site which contains news and documentation of all company activities which are managed directly by all employees. By the end of 2023, WIKA Beton is targeted to have a Manufacturing App as an application that supports the company's production process.

With the increasing number of digital products developed by the company to support the company's operations, it is hoped that IT Culture will be embedded in every WIKA Beton person, which will become the main capital in realizing WIKA Beton's Digital Transformation.



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