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CSR Traffic Light in Boyolali

CSR Traffic Light in Boyolali

Implementing Social Responsibility, WIKA Beton Installs Three Traffic

Lights in Boyolali WIKA Beton through Boyolali Concrete Product Plant implemented its Corporate Social Responsibility Program by installing 3 traffic lights and various supporting facilities at the T-junction of Jalan Boyolali-Solo, Boyolali this morning (4/1). This location is an area prone to traffic accidents and has even resulted in fatalities.

Based on the results of coordination with Boyolali Resort Police and Boyolali Transportation Agency, WIKA Beton then installed 3 traffic lights as one of the Companys efforts to provide a positive impact on a sustainable basis to the community surrounding the Companys operating area.
The traffic light now actively regulates traffic at the T-junction starting this morning after the handover process from WIKA Beton to the Center for Land Transportation Management of the Ministry of Transportation which is then provided to the Boyolali Regional Government represented by the Regional Secretary and Head of the Transportation Agency. The handover followed by the inauguration ceremony was also attended by Boyolali Resort Police and Jasa Raharja Boyolali Branch.

CSR Traffic Light in Boyolali

It is expected that the existence of the traffic lights at the T-junction could make traffic conditions in these locations more controlled so that the number of traffic accidents could decrease significantly.