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To push forward the instructure implementation and mechanism of GCG, the company has come up with several Soft Structure GCG policies, which were designed based on the official regulations, Company`s vision and mission and other best practices in Indonesia. In terms of that, the Company has some GCG policies aspects, like The Company`s Articles of Associations

Code of Corporate Governance

To build a healthy business entity, WIKA Beton implements good Corporate Governance, based on the following Code of Corporate Governance.

Code of Conduct

The Company`s Code of Conduct is one of the cornerstones of Corporate Governance in creating a well-implemented Corporate Governance system and infrastructure, so that in the process, WIKA Beton achieves GCG Sustainability status, as Good Corporate Governance has become a deep-rooted culture within the company.

Board Manual

The Board Manual is a document that guides the members of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors, for the implementation of Good Corporate Governance.