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Vendor Gathering 2019

Vendor Gathering Events for Strengthening Partner Relationships 

PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk. (WIKA Beton) held a Vendor Gathering: Accelerating the Sustainability Growth at Raffles Hotel Jakarta on Wednesday, 13th March 2019.

WIKA's Concrete Vendor Gathering was held in order to build closer relationships with business partners while carrying out The Company mission, namely Growing and Developing with Partners. Through this event, WIKA Beton thanked its partners for the cooperation that has been established.  The event was attended by WIKA Beton Board of Directors and Management and Dr. Ir. Hoetomo Lembito, MBA, CSLP as an external speaker.

The event was packaged with an interactive talk show on the latest developments in Company operations delivered by the Director of Human Capital & Information Systems Mursyid. Not only that, Technical Director Sidiq Purnomo was also present as a speaker, presenting the importance of HSE for Company and its partners.  Finance Director Mohammad Syafii also appeared to explain Company financial performance as of 31st December 2018.

Vendor Gathering 2019

Apart from management, Dr. Ir. Hoetomo Lembito, MBA, CSLP, an expert in Supply Chain Management (SCM) in Indonesia, explained the efforts to increase Company profitability through good SCM.  SCM is an integrated system that coordinates all processes in the Company in delivering products or services to customers, from suppliers to customers. With the implementation of good SCM, both Company and partners will mutually benefit

In addition to describing the latest developments and Company roadmap, this event was also complemented by the presenting of awards to certain partners as a token of appreciation for their contribution to WIKA Beton.  The WIKA Beton Award was presented to  PT Sumiden Serasi Wire Product for Best Partner in the Product Quality category, PT Kingdom Indah for Best Partner in the Time Performance category, PT Semen Indonesia for Best Partner in the SHE Application category, PT Intiroda Makmur for Best Partner in the Service Performance category , Delta Mas for Best Partner in the Workshop category, PT Global Sarana Mandiri for Best Partner in the Equipment category and PT Intisumber Bajasakti for Best Partner in the Strategic Material category.

By holding this vendor gathering, WIKA Beton hoped that the common target would continually be achieved and that relationships would be intensified for mutual benefit.