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PC Piles

The first piling manufactured with a hollow spherical type prestressed system. This type has been widely used in existing projects in Indonesia. To meet market demands, WIKA Beton has also produced many other types of piles such as Spun Pile, Triangle Pile, Square Hollow Pile,Pile Solid Square

PC Spun Piles

Is a round pile produced by the spinning system to get round and hollow shapes. This light weight pile because it forms a hollow cross section, so that optimal for distribution and pilling process. Also outside the rounded shape will add to the aesthetic that exposes can be displayed (example: Pile on the slab or pile serves as a column).

PC Square Pile

Piles which are rectangular ( square pile ). This pillar has the advantage of a large bearing capacity. Can be used for buildings that require large capacity.

PC Spun Square Pile I

s a pile of boxes produced by the spinning system, so getting a hollow box shape cross section. Pile axial capacity of the soil has the equivalent of piling massive box with light weight poles, thus suitable for use in buildings.

PC Triangular Pile

Is a special triangle-shaped piles for lightweight or small buildings, for example commercial, third floor, housing, light industrial buildings, bus shelters. Effective depth of pile can reach 12 m and can be drive using simple tools (eg, drop hammer). Therefore this pile suitable for small and medium scale projects.