CSR Activity

  • The field of Organizational Governance, in the form of continuous implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG).
  • The field of Human Rights, in the form of activities to improve worship advice and infrastructure.
  • Employment Sector, in the form of Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3) Training.
  • Field of Environment, in the form of waste management or re-used materials.
  • Field of Practice for Healthy Institution Activities, in the form of compliance with laws and regulations in the field of industry, business trade and capital markets.
  • Consumer Field, in the form of Social Assistance Program and Education Program, such as the Cheap Market, the provision of Internal and external Scholarships, WIKA Beton Goes to Campus and sponsorship and industry visit activities to WIKA Beton factories.
  • In the field of Community Engagement and Development, conducting natural disaster assistance activities and activities that support CSR Sustainability, such as seminars and training related to CSR Suistainability.