Inner Bore System Installation

Precast concrete piling service (for PC Spun Pile diameter 1200mm, 1000mm, 800mm) eco-friendly environment, commonly used for huge foundation of infrastructure.

EASE Installation

The installment method of EASE (Earth Auger Slurry Excavation) for foundation with small diameter (using PC Spun Pile diameter 600mm). EASE Bore is a method that`s evolved from pre-boring method however, its scales are bigger than spun pile.

Launching Gantry

The downstream service business unit of Precast Concrete products that serve installation service or erection component precast girder. Able to serve girder installation which spans 40 meters and whose capacity reaches 650 tons, rear feeding or ground pick up method. The service is complemented with skilled labors and professional engineer.

Post Tension Installation

Withdrawal system component of post-strained structure for both unbonded and bonded infrastructures. Served with strong technical backup against prestress structure component for precast or cast in-site. Support from qualify engineer, along skilled and competent local labor ready serve and become solution in any structure component installation example, girder bridge, girder, plat, pillar and another structure.