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Building strategic functions of the Internal Supervisory Unit  (SPI) is one of the goals for improvement of internal control. In building a good internal control system, then SPI applies the principles of Good Corporate Governance and risk management as a basis for the model of the examination carried out.  One of the benefits to be obtained by the Unit Internal Supervision when using a risk-based audit approach is that the audit and supervision functions will be more efficient & effective.

The Internal Supervisory Unit , in the process of implementing supervision, plays a role of independent activities, objective beliefs and consultations, designed to provide added value and improve the Company's operations. The implementation of the supervision and audit process must be able to help the Company to achieve its objectives by implementing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the management process risk, adequacy of controls and good management of the Company.

The Company forms an Internal Control Unit (SPI) by paying attention as well to Chapter VI of Law No. 19 of 2003 concerning State-Owned Enterprises, Government regulation No. 12 of 1998 concerning Limited Liability Company, Decree of SOEMinister No. KEP-117 / M-MBU / 2002 concerning Application of Good Corporate Practices Governance (GCG) with State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Decree of Directors of PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk., regarding the establishment of the Number Internal Control Unit SK.01.01 / WB-0A.024 / 2006 dated March 27, 2006, Decree of the Company's Directors No. SK.01.01 / WB-0A.144A / 2018 dated March 16, 2018 concerning the Organizational Structure of the Unit Internal Control.

Organizational Structure of the Internal Supervisory Unit 

SPI is headed by a Head of Internal Supervisory Unit  with a level of position accustomed to the Bureau Manager and is responsible directly to the President Director. Head of SPI is appointed and dismissed by the President Director after obtaining approval from the Board of Commissioner. To support the running of the Company's supervisory function, SPI is assisted by Chief Examiner. The Chief Examiner is a structural position that is appointed and dismissed by the Board of Directors and responsible directly to the Head of SPI. 

Examiner is a position of expertise that is appointed and dismissed by Directors and / or authorized officials. In carrying out audit tasks, the Examiner is responsible to the Chief Examiner as Team Leader.

The position of SPI as an organ that assists the President Director is always placed inside organizational structure that is equivalent to its roles and responsibilities, in disclosure views and thoughts that cannot be influenced or suppressed by the management and other party.

Struktur Organisasi Internal Audit