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Mass Rapid Transit

MASS RAPID TRANSIT : CONCRETE TUNNELS AND BOX GIDER, WIKA BETON subsidiary, WIKA KOBE producing precast tunnel segments with a diameter of 6.05 meters and a length of 1.5 meters, to meet all the needs of tunnel segment in three packages (packages 104, 105 and 106) of underground construction (underground section) MRT project , WIKA KOBE become the first precast concrete tunnel segments were able to produce in accordance with the qualifications and the high quality standards required by consultants from Japan and has conducted quality testing in Japan.

WIKA Beton will also supply other precast concrete products in the MRT project, including precast box girder for construction overpass (elevated section) packets elevated 101 and 102. Construction will connect Lebak Bulus and Cipete.