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This Precast concrete products are manufactured in various types and sizes with prestressed and centrifugal systems.

The first piling manufactured with a hollow spherical type prestressed system such as Spun Pile, Triangle Pile, Square Hollow Pile, Pile Solid Square

Replacement of timber bearing pads made of concrete because it is more economical, stable because of the weight and more durable.

Manufactured concrete products for bridges with two systems of pre-tension prestressed and post-tension.

Prestressed Concrete Sheet Pile is normally used as permanent structures of retaining walls, as we produced having two types of Prestressed Concrete Sheet Pile

Concrete pipe products as building components of water produced by the compressive strength of K-500 and K-600.

In this kind of precast concrete product, the component manufactured grouped as follows : Columns, Beams, Half Slabs, Tee Slabs, Hollow Slabs, Panels and Stairs.

The application of precast concrete products in marine structure has an additional advantages such as make job easier and low cost in construction.

PC Cylinder Pile as a new flagship product WIKA Beton Tbk to support infrastructure development in Indonesia and ASEAN market needs.

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