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Employee Gathering 2019

Peak of the 22nd Anniversary Celebration: WIKA Beton Employee Gathering 2019

PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk. (WIKA Beton) held a "WIKA Beton 2019 Employee Gathering" at Puri Ardhya Garini, Jakarta on Tuesday, 19th March 2019 to celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of WIKA Beton, which fell on 11th March 2019 coinciding with the anniversary of its parent company, PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk. (WIKA).


celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of WIKA Beton


This Employee Gathering was the highlight of the WIKA Beton Anniversary Celebration after a series of activities including CSR Day, Vendor Gathering, Jakarta-based Sports & Arts Week with participants from DKI Jakarta, West Java, Lampung, and South Lampung, the Inauguration of the Archive Building, and the respective celebrations in each Work Unit.


celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of WIKA Beton


At this year's anniversary celebration, WIKA Beton carried the theme “Accelerating Sustainable Growth” meaning that with the increasing age of WIKA Beton, the spirit of all WIKA Beton employees would all the more strengthen synergy to continually accelerate Company growth.


celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of WIKA Beton


Based on the above-mentioned theme and the work culture of WIKA Group, namely Agility, Caring and Excellence (ACE), the implementation of WIKA Beton Employee Gathering was packaged in a Baseball ambience. The meaning behind the Baseball game was to make all WIKA Beton employees focus on their respective tasks and functions, training their strengths, speed, agility, teamwork and strategies in facing competition so that they could continue to win against competition in the concrete industry market.  The Baseball ambience was felt by the attendees including the dress code committee, invited guests, photobooths right up to on-stage Baseball game performances.

Before starting, Chairperson of WIKA Beton Anniversary Celebration Committee Dedi Indra opened the event with his speech addressed to invited guests including WIKA President Director Tumiyana, WIKA Board of Directors, WIKA Beton Board of Commissioners, WIKA Beton Board of Directors, Directors of WIKA subsidiaries, WIKA Beton management from all work units in Indonesia, Organic and Skilled Recipients of Satya Karya Award, retired employees, staff of Echelon I-VI in Jakarta and West Java, WIKA Porseni winners, and business partners.

Next came the speech by Chairperson of the WIKA Beton Employee Association (PPWB) Verly Widiasmoro PPWP.  Celebrating PPWB’s 20th year in the business, having the same birthdate as WIKA Beton, Verly expressed her hope that PPWB could increasingly bring WIKA Beton benefit by not stopping to pray in each business undertaking.


celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of WIKA Beton


After that, WIKA Beton First Commissioner Bambang Pramujo conveyed words of congratulations to WIKA Beton, "For 22 years WIKA Beton has been present on earth producing splendid products, one of which is the product for supporting the construction of MRT (Mass Rapid Transit).   I thank the retirees who built the solid foundation of WIKA Beton.  I also congratulate PPWB for ensuring WIKA Beton continues to grow and develop ".

WIKA Beton President Director Hadian Pramudita also gave a speech.  He said, "We must support matters which focus on short-term strategies in 2019, especially and primarily the development of human resources in order to enhance competitiveness in line with government focus on development in 2019.  Secondly, we must maintain the application of Information Technology in each and every operation of the Company. Thirdly, strengthen the synergy with WIKA Group and other SOEs in order to penetrate the overseas market.  Once again, long live WIKA Beton 22 years, and long live PPWB 20 years!"

After the speeches, a cake-cutting session was next.  The cake was in the shape of a Box Girder, one of WIKA Beton superior products.  It was cut by the WIKA Beton Board of Commissioners and Directors, witnessed by 550 invited guests, followed by a group photo session.

In addition to the cake-cutting session, at the peak of this anniversary celebration WIKA Beton took advantage  in integrating various appreciation awards to WIKA Beton employees for  long-service achievements such as the Satya Karya (appreciation for employees who have served 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, and 30 years), the Innovation Work Award, the Quality Award, 2018 Employee of the Year, SHE (Safety Health, and Environment) Award, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Award, WIKA Porseni Award, WIKA Beton Logo Competition , Photography Contest and Vlog Contest.


celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of WIKA Beton


The Employee Gathering was lively and well-presented by MC Standup comedian, Topenk accompanied by Sherly.  All officials and employees attending this function became increasingly boisterous in expressing themselves late into the night.  The event showcased three different music genres of jazz, dangdut and rock.  Guest artists were Syaharani, Bunga Band & Jenita Janet, and Armand Maulana & friends, members of GIGI Group Band.

WIKA Beton expressed hope that the bringing together of employees would elevate gratitude to God, strengthen solidarity among employees, enhance synergy among Board of Commissioners, Directors and all WIKA Beton employees of all work units, show appreciation to outstanding employees, and trigger new enthusiasm and positive energy to all WIKA Beton employees.