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Embankment A of Kali Adem Port

Embankment A of Kali Adem Port

DKI Jakarta Provincial Transportation Agency Entrusts WIKA Beton to Work on Embankment (A) Development Project at Kali Adem Port, North Jakarta

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government through the Transportation Agency entrusts WIKA Beton to perform as the main contractor in the Embankment (A) Development Project at Kali Adem Port, Muara Angke, North Jakarta.

Muara Angke Kali Adem Port is one of the locations of the construction of embankment (A) which the development is highly necessary as an effort to prevent the threat of tidal flooding to the port area due to the rise of sea level and land subsidence by strengthening and elevating sea dikes and river estuary dikes as well as arrangement of the northern coastal area of ​​Jakarta and its surroundings.

Embankment A of Kali Adem Port

The Embankment (A) Project is the initial phase of the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD) Program. This program includes in one of the national strategic projects contained in Presidential Regulation No. 3 of 2016 concerning the Acceleration of the Implementation of National Strategic Projects.

In this project, the scope of work of WIKA Beton includes land preparation, production of Cylinder Pile with a diameter of 120 cm and length of 2400 cm, erection of Cylinder Pile, production of RWCP (Retaining Wall Concrete Plug) with 99 stems and the installation, generating Capping Beam (pembesian, formwork and casting of Capping Beam), and the construction of access from/to the pier.

The Cylinder Pile products are being produced at the South Lampung Concrete Product Plant and distributed using barges to the project site, while RWCP products are being produced at Bogor Concrete Product Plant. Regarding installation, the method applied is the installation with the Inner Boring system, while the space filling method between Cylinder Pile implements RWCP technology which is the latest technology in the concrete industry and this has been applied for the first time in Indonesia.

Overall, the progress of work on 4 November 2018 has reached 75%. The numbers of installed products are 85 Cylinder Piles and 65 RWCPs. WIKA Beton's contribution to this project is one of the efforts to actualize the vision of WIKA Beton in the field of Engineering, Production and Installation (EPI) of the concrete industry in Southeast Asia.