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Depok - Antasari Toll Road

Underpass Structure of Depok - Antasari Toll Road Box Culvert

The underpass structure of Depok - Antasari Toll Road with 62.5 meters long is composed by Box Culvert concrete products.

Box Culvert is a rectangular precast concrete product with a large cavity in the center which is commonly used as a drainage component. However, presently WIKA Beton has developed the Box Culvert with a large dimension with a segmental system consisting of Top Slab, Bottom Slab and 2 Side Walls for the road trajectory especially in the underpass structure as a substitute for conventional methods major casting at the project site.

By using Box Culvert, the time of the road construction can be shorter than the conventional method because the casting work in the field is moved and run in the factory and simultaneously the project land preparation can be carried out. In addition, the quality of the produced product is guaranteed because the products have been tested in the factory before being distributed to the project site.

The products produced at the Karawang Plant have been assembled in the Depok-Antasari Toll Road underpass structure.

In future, this product will be used for similar development projects.