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Creating WTON Mobile App, WIKA Beton Won Award

WIKA Beton earned two awards at an awarding event 2018 Top IT & Top Telco Award as Top IT on WTON Mobile App and as Top Digital Transformation Readiness that was received directly by WIKA Beton Director of Human Capital Information System Mursyid this afternoon in Jakarta (6/12).

This annual awarding event held in the 5 th year was conducted by IT Works Magazine with the theme of Great ICT for Great Business in Digital Era. At this event, the selection of the winners was determined by the result of a questionnaire and an interview participated by various intitutions from government agencies, State-Owned Enterprises, Regional-Owned Enterprises and private companies as well.

The award given to WIKA Beton is an appreciation for WIKA Beton dedicated effort performing digital transformation through the implementation and the utility of IT to improve performance, competitiveness and services. In its business operation, one of the implementations of the digital transformation is developing an application in mobile platform namely WTON Mobile. WTON Mobile is a mobile app developed by internal human resources of WIKA Beton (Information System Bureau) in order to rise employee engagement. This app offers various features that are as follows : Home containing Corporate latest news, Human Capital Information System, E-File of corporate documents, Leave and Work Trip and others offering Company Info including Annual Report and Financial Highlight. After earning this award, WIKA Beton expects to contribute significant impact on IT awareness in the company.