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Consistently Develop HR Competency, WIKA Beton Won 2018 BUMN Award

WIKA Beton won award as the Best Talent Development II BUMN Tbk. in the 7th event of 2018 BUMN Award which was initiated by the BUMN Track and supported by PPM Manajemen in Jakarta on Thursday, August 9 th 2018.

The award received by the Director of Human Capital and Information System Mursyid was an appreciation to WIKA Beton who consistently develops the competencies of Human Resources (HR) in order to be reliable and qualified especially in supporting the Company's operations.

This prestigious award event was also won by other WIKA Group. WIKA as the Holding Company achieved appreciations as the Best Growth Strategy II BUMN Tbk. and the Best BUMN CEO in special category of Excellence in Interpersonal Relationship achieved by WIKA's President Director Tumiyana. In addition, WIKA Gedung also performed as the Best Business Innovation II BUMN Tbk. this year.

Consistently Develop HR Competency, WIKA Beton Won 2018 BUMN Award

WIKA Group won the 4 awards after going through a long selection process, the selection of winners was based on a review and selection by a jury led by Dr. Tanri Abeng, MBA with professional members in their fields.

This award shows WIKA Group's commitment as global players through the development of strategic growth that is right on target and sustainable. In the course of its business, WIKA Group have implemented a variety of innovations to enhance the competitiveness of the companies both nationally and internationally.