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Bridge Concrete Product

Precast concrete products is used as a component part of a bridge or flyover. Present development continues to shape - another form that is more able to accommodate the needs and market demands, such as box girder, voided slab, Y girder, U-Girder, Double Tee for highway slab subtitution etc.

Manufactured concrete products for bridges with two systems of pre-tension prestressed and post-tension. To pre-tension system, production is usually done with non segmental form. While for the post-tension system of production can be done in two forms, both segmental and non-segmental. Both these systems, respectively - each has advantages and disadvantages.

Pre-tension system has advantages because it does not cost Angkur especially so the production cost is relatively cheaper.However for a sufficiently long span, products made in the form of non segmental have problems in terms of distribution / delivery. While products with post-tension system which the majority are made in the form of segmental more profitable in terms of distribution / delivery. This product is made with concrete quality of K-500 (C40) through K-800 (C 65).