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  • Jakarta LRT Trial
    Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia Budi Karya Sumadi tested Jakarta LRT phase 1 which is going to operate for 2018 Asian Games in August (15/7). On this occasion, Production Director of WIKA Beton Hari Respati and LRT Project Management Team of WIKA Beton accompanied Budi Karya during the trial.
  • WIKA Beton is Relisted in SRI Kehati Index 2018

    WIKA Beton is listed on the top 25 Companies in SRI KEHATI Index 2018 for the third time and received appreciation from SWA and Yayasan KEHATI accepted by Corporate Secretary of WIKA Beton Yuherni at Indonesia Green Company Award & SRI KEHATI Appreciation 2018 held at Ayana Mid Plaza Hotel, Jakarta (11/7).

  • Safety Patrol by Management of WIKA Group
    Safety Patrol by the President Director of WIKA Tumiyana and WIKA Group Management was conducted at one of WIKA Beton Work Units Bogor Concrete Product Plant in WIKA Industrial Estate on Wednesday, July 4, 2018. This activity is the first Safety Patrol activity conducted by Tumiyana at WIKA Beton Work Unit.
  • 2018 Engineering Forum
    The young engineers of WIKA Beton from all work units held 2018 Engineering Forum entitled Implementation of Go Home Safely for Better Construction Quality at Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort on July 3-6 2018.
  • Halal Bihalal of 1439 H Eid Al-Fitr

    All WIKA Beton Work Units held Halal Bihalal (act of forgiving one another during the Eid Al-Fitr celebration) of 1439 H Eid Al-Fitr on Monday (25/6/18). This event was meant to strengthen the kinship among all WIKA Beton family in all Work Units.

    Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum. Please forgive our bodies (outwardly) and souls (inwardly).