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  • Environmental Awareness and Employee Evaluation from PPCP Batch 5
    As an effort to build environmental awareness to the organic employees of PPCP Batch 5, for the first time Human Capital (HC) Team of WIKA Beton with the support of the Bogor Crushing Plant Management Team held an explore nature activity at one of the WIKA Beton work units Crushing Plant Bogor on 8-10 September 2018.
  • Safety Patrol at South Lampung Plant and Crushing Plant

    Consistent in monitoring K3, this week (28/8) WIKA Beton QSHE Team visited South Lampung Concrete Product Factory and South Lampung Crushing Plant to conduct safety patrol.

    On this occasion, Director of Operations Siddik Siregar and QSHE Manager Fredy Dharmawan took part to ensure that the application of the OSH aspects were well-implemented according to the safety standards.

  • 2018 Public Expose

    As a public company, WIKA Beton regularly holds public expose together with the Indonesia Stock Exchange, and 2018 public expose was run by the WIKA Beton Board of Directors at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Building (27/8). It was expected that the presentation of this listed company’s current performance would be able to expand the exposure of WIKA Beton's information disclosure to the public, including potential investors.

  • Local Media Visit of Makassar

    Strengthening communication with the media in Makassar, WIKA Beton conducted a media visit and explained the traffic management of the first flyover toll road construction project in Makassar AP Pettarani at the Harian Fajar Office and Tribun Timur Office in Makassar (8/23). The construction of the elevated toll road that WIKA Beton handles is planned to last for 22 months and will stretch over Andi Pangeran Pettarani Street to Sultan Alaudin Street or about 4.3 km.

  • 1439 H Eid al Adha (the Festival of Sacrifice)

    WIKA Beton employees in all work units held slaughtering of sacrificial animals. The meat from sacrificed animals are specifically packaged in besek to minimize the use of plastic and then distributed to the local community who are in need.