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Anniversary Celebration of WIKA Beton

Thanksgiving and the 22nd Anniversary Celebration of WIKA Beton

From the western end of Indonesia to the eastern end, the spearhead operating units of PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk. (WIKA Beton) including North Sumatra Concrete Product Factory, Sales Area 1, Lampung PPB, PPB and South Lampung Crushing Plant, Majalengka PPB, Pasuruan PPB, and V Sales Region simultaneously held a series of rapport activities in welcoming the 22 Anniversary Celebration of WIKA Beton which fell on 11 March 2019.

A wide range of activities took place, ranging from Handing Over of Educational Infrastructure Facilities to two Islamic boarding schools, Fun Bike activity, Healthy Walking activity, Porseni (Arts and Sports Week), Quiz Competition, CSR Book Day, CSR Orphanage, Employee Gathering to Vlog Competition in the spirit of togetherness to liven up the celebration.

Prayers were offered for the progress of the Company. Together Building Indonesia.